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Privacy Policy

Myfuture CBC & KCPE Revision App is a product of Electronic Edu, an online education business that is based in Kenya.

Due to the services this app is offering, we are collecting some data from the users of this app. The app has two types of users: guardians/parents and pupils.
From the guardians, we take this details:

The password and phone number are necessary for login into the app. The phone number and email will also be necesary when communicating information about the account. The phone is also very important when recovering back the account especially when the parent has changed device.

From the pupils we take names, county of origin and academic information(curriculum and class level, to be specific). As the pupils gets to use the app, we will be collecting statistics of how the pupil is performing, this includes scores of different exams.

Other users of the app has access to the name, county and total score of the pupil. This is to facilitate sharing of questions, conducting of contests and ranking of students. The app does not force anyone to provide the details, but those there will be limited features for such users. They can't attempt questions shared by others, they wont be invited for contests as well as there will be no access to pupils ranking.

Why we collect data

Children’s Online Privacy Protection

Parents/Guardians have exclusive right to decide whether to provide the details of the pupils or not. For us to collect details of a student, a parent/guardian account will have to be used.

Third Party data collection

We have made use of the Firebase SDK to help us in doing analytics of how the app gets used. This SDK collects data on how users of the app interact with it. This includes the pages a user visits on the app, the duration of use of the app and the timestamp the user visited the app.

Data Minimization

As by requirement of the Data Protection Act of Kenya, we have made efforts to minimize the data we collect from the users of the app. We collect only the data we require for us to provide services.

Sharing of Data with Third Party

Except that a user in the app may see the information of another user, we currently don't share personal data with Third parties.

Right to access of information in the app

Every user is free to inquire from Electronic Edu about the data the business keeps and how the data is stored and protected

Right to data deletion

Every user has a right to request the company to delete their data from the system. Where it is impossible to delete the data, such information is anonymized.

How long we retain data

We retain user's data in not more than seven years after a user has stopped using our services. A user may also request a deletion of their data.

Data Protection

We have taken various measures to protect data from unauthourized persons. This include:

Business ownership change.

We do not intend to sell our business anytime soon. In the event that there will be a change of ownership of the business, every user of the app will be informed and the users will be involved in deciding how best their data will be protected during change of ownership.

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