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In a bid to help you in your revision process here is Myfuture app. This is a mobile application made for you to ensure that you attain your goals as a student and a candidate. It offers the following:

Broad Content

All subjects tested are available in the application. The content of the revision material is broad and wide touching on all areas ensuring that all your revision needs are satisfactorily met. The content is sourced from past papers and other relevant revision books thus having a wide coverage.


The application contains short quizzes that can help jog your mind in any subject. The questions have answers and can thus be used to gauge your understanding, recall and mastery of content. There are also mock test papers that are timed to enable a student to take the test their ability in handling the real examination.

Quiz Revisit

A record is made of all the tests that the student has tempted together with the marks attained. This is helpful in getting to determining the progress of the student with time.

Score Card

Each test a student takes is recorded alongside the marks.

Student Ranking

The marks are added up and compared to the marks of all the other students. The best student up top, the records are made for all students in the platform.


The application allows for students to create a contest and invite fellow students to participate so as to foster growth in each one of them. The mark of each students are recorded and the score arranged in descending order.

Game Like

The application interactive thus eliminates boredom.

Offline Optimization

The app is optimized to work offline thus saving on data costs.

Talking encouragements

The talking encouragements chaperone the student to go forth and inspire encouragement.

Revision Tactics and Guidelines.

Revision is an indispensable part of the learning process. It is part of learning that takes the least amount of time given that a student has gone through the content material once or twice. The vitality of re-envisioning cannot be undermined since it can make or break a student’s performance. When done effectively and in a timely manner it can help students attain good scores with minimum stress and anxiety.

Importance of Revision

  • Grasping the minor details of the subject that maybe you didn’t understand earlier
  • Revising lessons on a daily basis helps you to remember the topics, facts whatever you have studied.
  • It will increase your confidence and will help you in reducing exams anxiety.
  • It allows students to study at their own pace without exhausting themselves
  • Helps in remembering the topics that you had studied a long time ago and the better understanding of the topics

Revision tips

  1. Organize yourself
    Planning is crucial in any undertaking, this is the first step in revision. Know the subjects that pose a challenge and those that you are comfortable with. Prioritize on those that pose a challenge. Look into the various topics in all the subjects in order of priority. Make a schedule of how to tackle all the subjects and their topics as well as goals you wish to achieve. The schedule should have timelines and the goals you set should be SMART foe greater effectiveness seek to be accountable to someone other than yourself in reaching your goals and meeting your schedule. Identify your most productive times and schedule the toughest things in that time.
  2. Make notes
    Write! Write! Write! Do I have to? That maybe your question and the answer is …. Yes! Put it down on paper. Making notes helps improve on your concentration and helps you remember easily. And in the case of examinations recall is necessary. Let your notes be systematic and organized such that you can go through them before a paper and they will remind you a thing or two.
  3. Keep healthy
    Your health will have a direct impact on your revision process. Keep healthy so as that your focus will be on attaining better grades and not on getting better. Illness will cause divided attention in your revision process as well as derail your concentration. Take water, keep your environment clean, take a balanced diet and in the face of a pandemic wash your hands regularly and keep your mask over the nose.
  4. Sit in an upright position and away from distractions nit in your comfort zone
    The goal is to make maximum use of all the time, energy and chance to improve on your grades and this will be hindered when you get too comfortable. The idea is get out of your comfort zone. It is not advisable for you to study in bed that will invite sleep, also do not study on your couch near the television this will cause divided attention. It is advisable that you study in an upright position preferably using a study desk and chair.
  5. Take the tough subjects and their topics first
    This is the first thing we went over and it does no harm to emphasize. Know your weak areas and your strength. Focus your energy on the weak areas but also do not neglect your strong areas.
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